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Technical and consulting services

Simulations & Expert Studies

Using state-of-the-art electromagnetic solver software, FCS provides simulations of potential interference of NAV (e.g. ILS/DME) or surveillance (e.g. SSR) systems by objects such as buildings at airports or wind turbine parks. As a unique service feature FCS is capable of applying calibrated measured RF data to the simulation model and to take physical electromagnetic reflective properties of building material into account. This is measured in an absorber chamber with dedicated measurement antennas. As a result, FCS simulations are extremely reliable and also feature a documented measurement uncertainty.

In the area of simulations in Germany, FCS cooperates with Gesellschaft für Luftfahrtforschung (GfL) in Dresden.

The FCS employee Dr. J. Bredemeyer provides expert studies in his function of a publicly certified and examined expert for “Navigation- and Radar Systems in Air Traffic Control”.


SISMOS (Signal-in-Space Monitoring System)

1030/1090 MHz Monitoring

Wind Turbines & Air Traffic Management

UAS (OCtokopter)