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Operating a flight inspection organisation is complex. While flight inspection aircraft and flight inspection systems can be purchased, the project management of these high volume…

Simulations & Expert Studies

Using state-of-the-art electromagnetic solver software, FCS provides simulations of potential interference of NAV (e.g. ILS/DME) or surveillance (e.g. SSR) systems by objects such as…


The increasingly widespread use of UAS raises the issue of using UAS for flight inspection. While the employment of larger RPAS in the typical flight inspection arena at airports hardly…

Validation of NAV Databases

Commercial Aviation today is hardly conceivable without GPS navigation and the ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBN) concept. The integrity of the flight management system (FMS)…

1030/1090 MHz Monitoring

Air Traffic Management makes extensive use of the 1030/1090 MHz RF channels for SSR, WAM, and ADS-B surveillance systems. As these are also used for the TCAS anti-collision warning…

Wind Turbines & Air Traffic Management

Wind turbines, a widespread source of renewable energy potentially have a detrimental impact on the performance of surveillance systems used in air traffic management (ATM), such as…

Company Profile

FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH is a joint venture of the Air Navigation Service providers DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, Austro Control GmbH and Skyguide Ltd. Using two Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft equipped with the most modern technology for flight inspection of navigational aids and procedure validation and Learjet 35 aircraft for radar flight testing, FCS delivers several thousand flight inspection hours each year. FCS carries out flight inspection primarily in Europe.

Furthermore, FCS provides R&D, engineering and consultancy services related to flight inspection of civil or military Navigation, Surveillance or Communication (CNS) systems. FCS employees are author or co-author of numerous scientific publications and FCS is owner of several patents related to flight inspection.

FCS is also a member of the German Institute of Navigation (DGON).


In the field of flight inspection FCS inspects the following systems: ILS CAT I to III, MLS, PAR, (D)VOR, DME, TACAN, NDB, GBAS, VHF and UHF radio direction finders and COM systems, PAPI and visual aids/air field lighting, as well as special flight inspections of disturbed NAV systems or GPS interferences. In the field of flight validation, FCS validates RNP (GPS RNAV and conventional) procedures), P-RNAV (DME-DME), LPV / APV SBAS precision approaches. Supplanting GPS based procedure validation, FCS performs ARINC 424 and FMS database validation services. The third main segment of FCS flying activities is flight testing of surveillance systems, i.e. primary radar, secondary radar (SSR/ MSSR) and multilateration (MLAT/WAM) systems, as well as PAR. In the surveillance domain, FCS also performs 1030/1090 MHz special measurements.

Flight Validation

Flight validation of instrument flight procedures has become a very important segment of flight inspection, as civil aviation is increasingly abandoning the use of terrestrial NAVAIDS in favour of GNNS for en-route navigation (RNP) and, to a lesser degree for landing, where ILS will continue to be predominantly used.

Technical and consulting services

FCS offers as series of further services related to flight inspection. These are technical services such as electromagnetic simulations enhanced by the results of our flight inspection measurement work, and training and consulting services.

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